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Policies to fight against drug trafficking and use are different in each country and give rise to many debates. In France, governments have always opted for repression. This does not prevent it from being the country in the European Union

The environmental impact of energy production is often a source of debate. It is difficult to find an ecological and viable model on a large scale. But thanks to new technologies, we are beginning to see solutions. Some are already

The life of our drugs does not end when we ingest them. They continue their journey in waste water, then natural water. This pollution is more and more taken into account by public authorities, because it causes environmental imbalances. But

Censorship, privacy breaches, data vulnerability… These concerns increasingly influence our relationship with the digital world. Despite awareness, the general public seems to be dominated by a feeling of powerlessness. What are we exposed to ? How can we protect ourselves

Ineffective, degrading and costly, the French prison system has become mired in a morass that serial reforms are struggling to reverse. Can we close the prisons and learn to punish differently? There is no shortage of alternatives for moving from

Since 2013, French photographer Olivia Ciappa has been acting to make visible same-sex couples and homoparental families. Concerned with raising public awareness of this LGBT theme, she travels France and the world with her photos to depict an existing reality. In

L’industrie textile est l'une des plus polluantes et génère des conditions de travail désastreuses. Des alternatives se développent. Mais sont-elles vraiment plus écologiques et sociales ?

Des expériences innovantes se répandent dans le milieu animalier. Des technologies immersives permettent une plongée dans le monde des animaux de tous horizons. Une nouvelle manière de découvrir la faune et la flore de la planète, sans les déplacer de

Depuis dix ans, les Monnaies Locales Complémentaires (MLC) fleurissent en France. Des citoyens s’engagent pour consommer mieux, à l’échelle des territoires, et lutter contre la spéculation financière.

While calls to rebuild a different post-covid world remain unheeded, the donut economy, developed and popularized by Kate Raworth, is back in the spotlight and is seeing its first concrete implementations in large cities. A model of social and sustainable